Educational Facilities

Smart Class

Technology enabled program SMART CLASS offers the rich content repository of over 20,000 plus highly animated knowledge packed, artistically designed, and pedagogically aligned audiovisual modules based on universal concept synchronized to a curriculum which help students for optimum utilization of brain as a whole.

Today’s life is incomplete without technology. The breath-taking technological development has transformed the way we work, live and communicate. The computer, internet and the mobile technology have permeated in almost all walks of our life. There is a strong need to sensitize the children of today’s generation towards these technological developments in a manner that they adapt to any future technology with great ease and of course in a sensible way. We at the School, weave the technology in such a subtle way that it becomes a ubiquitous part of education process thus enabling students to use the technology in a responsible and effective manner for the benefit of mankind.

Audio Visual Lab

Human beings are speech and sight oriented and it is, therefore, natural for any institution of repute to add to the faculties of listening and sight. We have an Audio Visual Lab. To give our learner a cutting-edge opportunity to dabble in online & offline simulated situations to hone their listening and speaking abilities. AV Lab is filled with the latest gizmos which attract the neo-age tutees towards learning more and more

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